Step-by-step process 📖

Guide How to deposit at a Pay N Play casino

01/05 STEPS

Click 'Deposit' button

Go to the casino's homepage and click "Deposit' button. Here is an example from Pronto casino:

Tip: Each casino might have different names for the button: 'Play', 'Deposit', 'Deposit&Play' etc.

02/05 STEPS

Choose amount & payment

On the deposit window choose the amount you wish to start with and payment vendor (if applicable) like Trustly, Swish, Brite or others.

Tip: there are usually predefined amounts in the deposit box but you can set your own

03/05 STEPS

Choose your bank

Choose the bank where you have an account from the dropdown list. Usually the most popular banks are at the top.

Tip: if you can't find your bank try using the search bar to speed up the process

04/05 STEPS

Verify transaction in Bank ID

To complete the top up, use your bank ID information to verify the transaction

Tip: there are several ways to use Bank ID verification, e.g. Making a deposit on your laptop you can use tour mobile for verification.

05/05 STEPS

Start playing=)

Your money should be in your account by now. You can start playing at the casino right away

Well Done!