Pay n Play Explained: a Complete Guide

Learn everything you need about Pay N Play by Trustly. Discover more about this payment technology and what makes Pay N Play supported casinos so great in our guide below.

Published in August 2023

We will cover a whole range of essential topics on this page, including a fast track how-to guide for Pay N Play system, advantages to using Pay and Play at casinos, available Pay n Play games and software, additional tips for newcomers, regional differences and more.

This is a must-read guide to everything Pay N Play.

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Part 3. All the rest about Pay N Play: security and licenses, responsible gambling and what to expect next.

Pay N Play from Trustly: more about this technology

Trustly developed Pay N Play technology in 2015 and attracted more than 100 brands to join the ranks of online Pay N Play gaming sites.

Pay N Play creates a frictionless gaming experience for players and improves player’s loyalty towards operators.

As Vasilije Lekovic Director of Gaming at Trustly puts it: “Pay N Play now sets the industry standard in a number of markets, and we’re continually refining the user experience… We are actively exploring the possibility to introduce new Pay&Play markets in future”.

Pay n Play technology is most commonly used in the online gambling industry. At the same time, the range of applications of this technology is much wider.

According to Trustly, PnP technology is powering products and websites across ecommerce, travel and casino industries. It also provides account-to-account payments software to businesses in the financial services sector.

Here is a useful video by the official Trustly channel that guides people a bit more in the understanding of the Pay and Play mechanics:

Video explanation of the Trustly PayNPlay

Pay N Play gaming: the fundamentals

Are you new to Pay n Play concept used at casinos ?

In this definitive guide we are going to answer frequently asked questions and clarify essential concepts.

We know, that finding the best casino that accepts Pay and Play might not be such an easy task. We have collected most of the basics that you should know about the Trustly Pay N Play system below.

Included in this section:

What are Pay n Play casinos exactly?

Here is a simple definition.

Pay N Play casinos are online casinos where you can deposit and play without having to register for an account.

These casinos use your bank details (bank ID) as your login, so you can simply deposit money and start playing right away. The system was first introduced by Trustly in 2015.

So, these are online gambling sites that additionally or exclusively offer the Pay N Play payment system from Trustly.

This system is secure and lightning fast. You deposit via your online bank account and receive your winnings back to your account in real money after a few minutes. 

Depositing is lightning fast and your balance appears within minutes. Also, Pay N Play does not require you to create player accounts and go through lengthy verification processes.

How do Pay N Play Casinos work?

The whole process of any Pay N Play transaction is based on 3 important parts that describe the functioning of the system.

1️⃣ First, a player should make a deposit using a selected online bank.

2️⃣ Second, Trustly or a similar payment processor uses the info provided by the player based on the bank credentials to fill in the KYC requirements. This is used by the casino to ‘create an account’ for a player.

That is why Trustly states that the notion of Pay N Play supported casinos being “No account casinos” is not entirely correct. An actual user account is created in the background.

This step is crucial as part of the security regulations and responsible gambling rules.

3️⃣ Third, if a player wants to cash out, withdrawals are again processed by Trustly or a similar payment solution using bank identification info.

Key takeaways:

👉 You can start depositing funds straight away from your bank account to your casino account balance using Trustly, Brite, Swish, Zimpler or iDeal payment processing.

👉 Bank ID verification allows to process your transactions almost instantly

So, to sum it up, a Pay N Play works in a way that there is no frustrated registration process at a casino. No login/username or details needed. User’s tax-free winnings go directly into the bank account instantly.

❓How to deposit at a Pay N Play casino?

Here is a step-by-step process of making a deposit at a Pay n Play casino:

  1. Visit the casino site
  2. Click “Deposit & Play” or a similar button
  3. (If available) Choose payment option like Trustly, Swish, Brite, Zimpler or similar
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  5. Choose a bank to process deposit
  6. Verify yourself with a bank ID
  7. Deposit and start playing =)

Extra step: Don’t forget to set your limits. Gamble responsibly

❓How to withdraw funds at a Pay N Play casino? 

If you wish to withdraw your funds:

  1. Click “Withdraw” or a similar button
  2. Specify the amount
  3. The funds will be transferred directly to your bank account within a few minutes

Note: in some cases the withdrawal process can take up to 2 bank days depending on the merchant and on your bank. Check more at the Trustly support page.

❓What is a Resume Play feature? 

“Resume Play” or “Return to Play” is a Pay N Play technology feature that allows users take a break and then go back to the games they were playing instantly.

👌 When you come back to the site, your cash balance is restored directly from your online bank account.

All with a simple re-login process:

  1. Click “Resume Play” or “Return to Play” button
  2. Authenticate with your bank ID
  3. Continue playing your favourite games

When might the documents be requested for identification?

While using Pay N Play payment solution, you may have to send in a few important documents even without registering.

However, this only serves to confirm your identity. Such verification is not the rule at an online casino without an account, but merely an exception.

According to the legal requirements of the European Union, documents for identification must be checked sporadically. The reason for this is the guidelines on money laundering. 

The random checks serve to fight crime, so to speak, and have less to do with the casino itself. In principle, however, you can assume that such documents will not be requested from you at a “no account casino”.

The probability of being checked is quite low though.

trustly paynplay logo

Instant payouts. Quick deposits from your bank account

Types of Pay N Play Systems available at Online Casinos

Before trying out these casino sites it’s important to consider the type/model that fits your gaming preferences.

There are two types of Pay N Play payment models that any casino operator can choose to put in place for their brand: Pure and Hybrid. Thus, players might expect to use either one of those.

Let us explain the difference between Pure and Hybrid Pay n Play casinos.

💎 Pure Pay N Play casino: play and deposit instantly, cash out instantly whenever you like

👉 Pure model is a simple Pay N Play solution where Trustly is the only payment and registration provider. This means players get access to the “Resume Play” feature and have a seamless verification and deposit processes.

Online casinos that use the Pure Pay N Play approach are also known as “No account” or “No registration” casinos. You get instant payouts with no hidden fees.

These sites seamlessly integrate with your Trustly wallet (or in some cases Brite and Swish) for instant deposits and withdrawals; no KYC required.

Check out top picks for the best No account, No registration casinos.

Check out our list of the best No ID Verification casinos.

↔️ Hybrid Pay N Play casino: the best of both traditional and instant payout casinos

👉 Hybrid model means there are other payment and registration providers apart from Trustly Pay N Play. Although Hybrid Pay N Play casinos still preserve “No account” gaming experience.

On our site you can filter down the list by these types for your convenience=)

Check out our list of the best Trustly online casinos.

Which Games are usually available?

The games portfolio that brands offer under Pay n Play payment system has evolved drastically.

Initially only slot games and classic table games were available.

Since then casino sites like Fast Bet launched pay and play method for users who place bets on sports and esports as well as fantasy sports.

Many casino providers without registration are still quite new on the market. However, the range of casino games is not particularly limited by this.

You always have a large selection and can fall back on many big names in the field of slot machines. Various Pay and Play casino providers have many games in their portfolio – including even table and card games with particularly high limits.

You are certainly familiar with Book of Dead, Berry Burst or the various Blackjack and Roulette games. You can even play jackpot slots at some casinos without registering and win big.

Basically, all of the traditional casino games and betting are already available with Pay and Play gaming, at both Hybrid and Pure type of brands.

Additional links:

Here are some more details on Pay n Play games:

🎲 Online slots (aka slot machines). Online slots have always been one of the most popular online casino games and have steadily grown in popularity. You can now play online slots at almost any traditional online casino. No wonder that the first brands to introduce Pay N Play were sites with a strong video slots portfolio.

🎲 Video Poker games. Video poker is a popular casino game that is based on the game of five-card draw poker. There are a variety of different video poker games that you can play using Pay n Play at casinos. Some of the most popular video poker games include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Joker Poker. The game of Jacks or Better is the most common type of video poker game.

🎲 Slot jackpots. Includes local as well as progressive casino jackpots. The longer the jackpot goes without being won, the larger it gets! 

🎲 A whole range of table games: baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette.

🎲 Poker games. There are many different types of poker games that you can play for real money. You can choose from Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud. The most popular type of online poker game is Texas Hold ‘Em, and this is the game that is most often played at Pay n Play supported casinos.

🎲 Blackjack games. Pay and Play casino sites are a great way to play online blackjack games. The best casinos offer a variety of blackjack games, including live dealer blackjack and classic blackjack, and provide a secure and safe environment for players.

🎲 Live casino games. All your table games with a live dealer are also available with a Pay and Play payment processing. 

Extra: Sports betting. Pay n Play for betting has opened up a new range of possibilities for sports bettors as they can now enjoy the ‘no account’ betting approach.

Extra: Esports betting. Similar to traditional sports betting, casino sites use Pay’n’Play’s instant deposits and withdrawals to enhance Esports betting experience.

Extra: Virtual sports betting. A comparatively new betting option available at some online casinos with Pay and Play system. During our research we keep finding more and more casino sites that add bets on virtual sports.

For example, ComeOn casino operator added virtual sports betting along with classical sports betting.

Slot tournaments as part of the Pay n Play fun

Casino slot tournaments can be a lot of fun, and they offer a great opportunity to win big prizes.

There are several options that are available for players at Pay n Play gambling sites:

In some cases, you might find exclusive tournaments for high-rollers.

The best part about these casino tournaments is that they are usually free to enter, so anyone can try their luck.

Look at our summary reviews of gambling operators in the list for more additional info about the best Pay n Play and casino tournaments.

Are there any game software providers that are more popular with Pay n Play?

Simple answer: no, not really

Pretty much all of the favourite casino games providers that you can find at regular online platforms are also present at online casinos that accept Pay and Play payments.

Some of the most popular ones include Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Betsoft and others.

These companies have been in the business for many years and have developed a strong reputation for providing high-quality casino games.

When choosing a Pay n Play casino, be sure to choose one that offers a wide range of casino games providers.

Why is Pay n Play so popular?

There are many reasons why Pay n Play supported casinos are popular.

💬 One reason is that they offer a convenient and quick way to start playing casino games. Players can simply use their bank id, deposit money via Trustly or similar payment method, and start playing. 

💬 Another reason is that Pay n Play system for casinos offer a wide variety of games. Players can choose from a wide range of slots, table games, and live dealer games. Some operators have already successfully set up Trustly technology for sports betting offers as well.

Based on our research, a Pay and Play casino site offers more than 600 games on average.

💬 Finally, Pay n Play is popular because it offers a safe and secure way to play casino games. Players can be sure that their personal and financial information is safe when they play at a casino operator with Pay N Play technology in place.

What are the common names for these casinos?

There are several ways that both casino brands and gamblers can call gaming sites featuring Pay n Play technology. Some of the terms and variations you might find online that can be used interchangeably:

At the same time it is good to know some of the misconceptions for these terms. Learn more about:

Safety and security of using Pay n Play

Pay n play payment process employs the latest security technology to protect your money and transactions.

As we mentioned before, Trustly’s technology takes care of the whole registration and deposit flow, so every casino that uses Pay n Play service is extremely technologically secure and safe for players.

Trustly is a licenced institution authorised to provide payment solutions by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

The company also holds a European Payment Services Provider (PSP) licence. The PSP licence confers with the Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC).

The above seals of approvals and licences serve as an assurance of security and legitimacy to both the players and online casino operators.

Also, players do not have to register in order to use the service hence no information is stored. This means that there is no data that can be used to access their bank accounts since Trustly stores none.

Based on the experience of the team, all Pay n Play based casinos offer a superior experience with their streamlined process of topping up the account balance and withdrawing money from it.

This experience is superior not only in terms of gamification features but also reliability of the system for players.

How trustworthy is Pay N Play?

When choosing an online casino with Pay N Play, the seriousness of the provider plays a pretty important role. The easiest way to check this is to see whether the casino has a valid licence.

Of course, it is important that the website of the casino without an account makes a trustworthy impression. After all, real money is used to play. Deposits and withdrawals must be able to be processed safely and reliably without the player being afraid of losing the money. No one wants to end up with rip-offs or dubious companies.

Even with a casino without registration, where the money transaction takes place via third party companies, it is important that the casino is reputable. After all, that’s where the money ends up. If the casino does not have a sufficient licence and is not monitored, the player can never be really sure of his or her money.

In addition, personal data such as account data, password, deposits and withdrawals should be transmitted in encrypted form. At some Pay n Play casinos, which are less reputable, this data can even be stolen by other people under certain circumstances and subsequently misused.

Online PnP casinos that are regularly audited are particularly safe. Ideally, this is done by several organisations. Seriousness, security and reliability are particularly important to such providers. A casino you choose should comply with the strict guidelines of the EU.

Generally, the seriousness of an online casino can also be determined by the experience reports of other players and online tests.

Reviews from other players who briefly share their experiences on how the casino you consider deals with possible problems are helpful. After you have gained an overview and have classified the PnP casino as safe and trustworthy, you can start playing.

Open Banking and its usage in Pay n Play

Trustly is a part of the Open Banking system. In the past, customers had to give their bank login information to third-party applications, which was a security risk.

With Open Banking, customers can authorize third-party applications like Trustly’s Pay n Play to access their financial data without sharing their login information

This adds an additional level of transparency and security for players that use Pay n Play services.

Check out more info on Open Banking and Trustly casinos operations.

How Trustly improves your Pay and Play experience on mobile

Trustly created a seamless process for deposits and withdrawals in online Pay n Play casinos that works perfectly on both desktop/laptop devices as well as all mobile and tablet devices.

Apart from well-known for players deposit flow that we also described above, Trustly introduced QR codes that can be used as part of your mobile authentication method.

For example, even using your laptop for playing at a casino you can quickly verify the top up of your balance via your Iphone/Android device.

Is mobile casino play also possible?

We can answer this question with “yes”, of course you can also play in the casino on your smartphone or tablet and secure your winnings. 

After all, gambling from your mobile phone has become very popular in recent years, which is why casino industry absolutely had to provide mobile platform compatibility.

A separate app for download is usually not necessary for this, as the website and games of the casinos without an account were developed in such a way that they are optimally displayed in the browser. 

You will only have to cut back on the number of games now and then, as some games only run on the desktop. However, this is only a fraction – most slot machines work both on desktop and mobile!

With all present day casino brands having their game lobbies ready for mobile, a combination of casino apps and Pay n Play technology makes your gaming experience a breeze=)

a mobile phone showing pay n play trustly logo
a tablet showing pay n play trustly logo

Pay N Play mobile casinos in a nutshell:

trustly paynplay logo

Play and pause at your own leisure on your mobile or tablet.

Pay n Play gambling licenses worth considering

Online gambling licenses are required in operate an online gambling site. These licenses are typically issued by a gambling commission or a local regulatory body. They ensure that the site is operating legally and in compliance with gambling laws.

But what does it mean for regular users? A good gambling licence means reliability. It means that the money you are willing to gamble and potential winnings are not at risk. On top of that players can trust that a regulated casino follows the responsible gambling rules.

Pay and Play casino sites operate with the same licenses as the regular casinos. At the same time, there are several main gambling licenses that you can find among the Pay n Play brands:

Note: we also annotate each casino in our list with the license it holds.

What about customer support?

As a rule, each casino operator with Pay n Play provides customer support service, at the same time working hours and reply speed of support agents may vary. We always add casinos that have a strong players support channels.

There is also a customer support service provided by Trustly.

Apart from contacting customer support at a casino you can check the extended list of FAQ provided by Trustly here. Or use their contact form as well.

Check how Pay n Play supports responsible gaming

In general, responsible gambling is all about making sure that you gamble in a way that is safe, responsible and fun.

This means setting limits on how much money you spend, how often you gamble and making sure that you only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

Based on our experience and thorough research, all casinos that use Pay n Play adhere to the responsible gambling standards and rules.

Here is a list of responsible gaming resources to help you out:

How to block Pay n Play online casino sites?

Here are several gambling filters and active prevention sites:

What’s next for Pay N Play technology?

Pay N Play is evolving a lot since its development. Here are several areas that worth attention:

In-Banner Pay N Play

One of the main features developed by Trustly for the gambling the market is In-Banner Pay N Play technology.

According to Vasilije Lekovic: “By utilising the capabilities of our Pay N Play product, operators will be able to offer their sports betting users a seamless experience. They can deposit, register and verify, and place a wager all in one go from the dynamic odds banners on affiliate websites”.

More countries open to Pay n Play

A rise in the number of European and North American markets that introduce this feature is expected soon.

Scan N Play

Trustly Scan N Play is a new feature for land-based casinos and sportsbooks. It lets players make instant deposits and withdrawals to and from their bank account via QR codes installed at the cashiers or even directly at the tables.

Why is Pay N Play system the future of online gambling?

Pay and Play has become widely popular with casino players in a few Scandinavian markets such as Sweden and Finland. But why is it so?

It’s simply because they allow gamblers to deposit and play at an online casino without having to go through the boring process of registering an account, passing the KYC procedure, then waiting for their ID to be verified.

Trustly Pay N Play technology will collect personal information from the player’s bank account and will share it with the operator for identification purposes. Obviously, this streamlines the signup and verification process, meaning players can deposit and start wagering without any delay.

While traditional casino operators are working hard to complete these processes as quickly as possible, they simply can’t compete with the instant verification by Pay N Play system.

Pay N Play Knowledge base

We discuss more of the frequently asked questions from players around the world

Do I need to register with Pay and Play to play at a casino?

It is not necessary for players to register with the Trustly system of payment in order to successfully deposit cash into their online accounts.

Since Trustly is the company behind the payment processing, all the information about the player who used it as the payment option will be sent directly to the casino website and they will update the player’s information on their website thus shortening all the struggles of the registration process.

This will allow all the players using the method to spend a shorter time at the casino’s website when depositing funds.

Is Pay and Play better than Skrill or PayPal?

Players will find it more advantageous to use the payment method than using Skrill or PayPal. When using the method of payment, players will not necessarily need to register into their favourite casino in order to deposit some cash directly into their online accounts but they can do it from their bank accounts.

This will save players all the hustles of registration since Trustly will send all the player’s details to the casino. Players using the method will enjoy instant withdrawals and enjoy their winnings immediately after they are won, unlike players using other deposit options who will wait for a few more days for their withdrawal transactions to be completed.

What are the fees of using Trustly Pay and Play?

It is every player’s wish to by-pass all the lengthy process of registration of online casino websites and deposit funds into their accounts and start playing. 

With Pay and Play this is possible since players only need to deposit cash directly into their online accounts from their bank accounts and start playing their favourite games. 

The fees of using Pay N Play are subsequently low, and this is advantageous to both the high rollers players and those players who bet low. All players will find it wise to use this payment method since its fees are relatively low. This integrated Trustly system is beneficial to both the operator and the players.


We discussed in this guide all the good and bad sides of playing at Pay N Play supported websites and provided the rankings of some of the top PnP casinos categorised by country, bonuses they provide and a list of other features.

As our research and a separate comparison between Pay N Play and traditional gambling platforms show, Pay N Play sites bring that anticipated and needed speed with which you can start playing and at the same time almost instantaneous withdrawal of winnings from your account.

Even with drawbacks like a limited amount of promotions, it is still a desirable bet for most gamblers. Despite the downsides, it’s clear that Pay N Play itself and casinos with this technology are the future of online gambling.

With their combination of convenience, security, and faster withdrawal times (sometimes almost instant), they offer a superior experience to traditional online casinos. As more and more players discover the benefits of this new technology, it’s likely that Pay N Play casino brands will become the norm in the online gambling industry.

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